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New blog

I’m definitely keeping this one up. I like it because it feels like it’s just for me and I need a bit of that in my life. I bit of personal space.

But, I’m up and running over here as well. If you’re a parent and are trying to find info about raising a young family and what mistakes not to make, come on over.

Parenting By the Book



I don’t know why I find this so compelling. It’s just a beautiful way to start the day.

One word year

One word.

Less, or


One full and the other,

not so full.

I’m sitting with both

until one,

reaches up and

grabs me.


Why, when I have to choose,

am I only conscious

of what I’ll leave out

rather than

what I’ll gain

by choosing.

The quiet

It has been quiet round here.

We don’t say much and when we do

it’s not always helpful.

We’re tired and cross.

We both want to make it better

but neither knows how.

I think about making it better.

All. The. Time.

I wonder if he does too.

I think about a lot of things.

Of making me better, of making us all a bit better.

I’m doing big work and I hope

I don’t give up

too soon.


It’s hot and we’re inside a lot.

That doesn’t work well but

right now

we have no alternative.

I know we both want an alternative

but our lives just aren’t there,

right now.

A new house, a garden, more space, more light,

privacy, room, things on the wall,


at night.

Ah, at night,

the quiet.


I’ve been so quiet because we’re in the process of moving from Sydney to Melbourne. No mean feat. I’m soooo exhausted. Totally beat. I can barely tap over the keyboard. But I miss this and will definitely be coming back to it. For sure. Won’t be long now.

Out and away

C and I have a weekend away at the end of this week. His mother is flying up from Victoria and my mother’s on board for a weekend extravaganza with the boys. Woo hoo….

We are tragically so excited it’s all we can talk about. Let alone the fact it’s a weekend away with friends in wine country. Pure delicious bliss.

Time away is always best in the anticipation I think. You haven’t yet realised the little empty space you carry with you, the sound of their voices when you call, the little things you see along the way you wish you could share with them.

But time away isn’t just for the potential enjoyment factor (although that’s awesome). It’s important for the recharging of the very tired batteries that work overtime in a family with two very young children. It allows you to experience that distance which makes ever fonder one’s heart. It allows you to just look at each other for a brief moment without seeing a child in the other’s face. It allows you to be you for a moment. With or without C, I am looking forward to being me for just a moment.

It’s in the eyes



May 2020