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One word year

One word.

Less, or


One full and the other,

not so full.

I’m sitting with both

until one,

reaches up and

grabs me.


Why, when I have to choose,

am I only conscious

of what I’ll leave out

rather than

what I’ll gain

by choosing.

The quiet

It has been quiet round here.

We don’t say much and when we do

it’s not always helpful.

We’re tired and cross.

We both want to make it better

but neither knows how.

I think about making it better.

All. The. Time.

I wonder if he does too.

I think about a lot of things.

Of making me better, of making us all a bit better.

I’m doing big work and I hope

I don’t give up

too soon.


It’s hot and we’re inside a lot.

That doesn’t work well but

right now

we have no alternative.

I know we both want an alternative

but our lives just aren’t there,

right now.

A new house, a garden, more space, more light,

privacy, room, things on the wall,


at night.

Ah, at night,

the quiet.

I’m back

I’m not sure the protocol in these situations.
Am I meant to start a new blog.
My purpose is gratitude.
Which fits too neatly with half full glasses.
I’m sticking around until
I think of somewhere better,
if I think of somewhere better,
to house my thoughts.

These days we are quiet.
There are now five where there were four.
We’ve added another little boy.
Four and a half months and every day more.

The reason these days are quiet,
is because 2 little boys leave
the house early in the morning
3 days a week.
These days are my solace, my substenance
my necessity.

So gratitude seems to me
one very real way
of making sure I live
squarely in every moment.
Looking for the things about which
I should give thanks.
Maybe looking will help me

January 2011
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