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Coming up…..

We had a brilliant weekend away. Photos to come.

Suffice to say I’m now stuffed, having returned home to a very, very sick baby whose understanding of sleep and its therapeutic qualities is now completely non-existant. I have masses of work having watched it pile up as I lay prostrate in bed with some kind of animalistic flu last week. A big presentation at work on Saturday which is causing me nightmares and my FIL has his final sentencing hearing on Friday which both C and A will be attending. So, now, I’m madly trying to find a baby sitter for Saturday after I said bon voyage to my mother today leaving for a 3 week trip to Europe.

Ho hum.

I need to find a way to manage my emotions when everything piles up like it is now. I collapse emotionally and it’s not good for anyone. As I whinged to my mother earlier today, she subtly tried to get me to see things with some kind of perspective but only really made me feel shitty for being such a bloody whinging pain in the ass. And that wasn’t her fault. It is┬ámine. It’s a fault I’d like to change. It brings me down and it brings those around me down as well. That’s not fair. And, to be honest, it takes the joy out of life. The glass becomes half empty and I feel awful about my failure to live in the moment.

How can I change this? I need a mantra. Something that shifts the fog that descends upon my mind when things get frantic. Something that reminds me tangibly and immediately that the cup, in facteth, overfloweth.

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