Is this strange?

I was engaged before meeting C (not when I met C which would be another, far more interesting story). Without boring you with the details of that relationship (whole other story, whole other post(s)), basically we got to a stage in our relationship where I went on a trip to Brazil with my sister and he flew over to surprise me and ask my to marry him. But, might I add, by default. Because I’d gone feeling a little lost. Because he knew this. Because it freaked him out. Because he thought it was what I wanted. Because he thought it was the right thing to do. Because he was convinced he didn’t want to do it. Because he thought it would make people happy, not just me, and him.

Anyway, I had no idea. I get an email saying he’s arriving the next day when we’re in Sao Paulo. And he did. Arrive that is. I picked him up at the airport. He was an excruciatingly lovely surprise to say the least. The taxi ride back into town was fun. Drinks that night were fun. So was dinner. Sex in the hotel room bathroom that we were sharing with my sister that night was fun too. Next morning he had a medium size, rectangle shaped flat box on the table at breakfast. He said there was a story behind it and wanted to tell us about it but he wasn’t sure it was the right time. He ummd. He ahhed. But decided that he’d tell us later. Yes, us. This whole time (except the bathroom in the middle of the night) was shared with my sister. He kept saying he couldn’t wait to tell us the story. He couldn’t wait to share it with us.

Before leaving Sao Paolo that day for a trip into the countryside, he went to an internet cafe to touch base with work. I bought an orange juice and a jumper and came back to the cafe to wait. I walked up behind him as he was typing an email to his secretary. Yes, his secretary.

Francesca’s father has called. I told him you’d flown to Brazil. He’s very worried that something is wrong. I told him not to worry about anything, to call Francesca’s mother That we should all be hearing some very happy news soon.

Yes, secretary. Yes, we. Yes, happy.

Is it strange that everyone knew we were getting married before I did? Is it strange that he was planning on asking me while my sister was there? To me it was bloody weird. Bloody unbelievable but bloody predictable. And that’s why we’re not married. Although, I did say yes.

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