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Who’d have thought sinning bought about such community spirit

As I wandered through Strathfield the other day, waiting for class to start and wondering whether a 3rd coffee for the day was a bit extreme and UTI encouraging, I kept seeing all these beautiful people milling around whispering about sin.

There are always evangelicals hanging around Strathfield. I’m not sure why. Sometimes the Korean churches do these great funky dances in the town square where they raise their hands and voices to Jesus. I love that stuff. It’s great for a giggle.

But today, it’s a big anglo push (which is strange enough to see in Strathfield).

I pass two middle-aged, well-dressed women speaking to two young Chinese guys. One of the women turns to her friend and exclaims excitedly, “It’s so great, this wonderful young man has just acknowledged he’s a sinner. Isn’t that great? So great, so great,” she keeps muttering as she beams back at him.

I pass two tall, hot, well-built, rugby types and wonder what they make of this mass infiltration of Christians and then spot the prominent Bibles in their hands as I dash across the road to miss them.

But to top it all off, the Christian band  belting out tunes in the town square as their fellow parishoners revel in happy conversations about sin, decides to do a remake of Phil Collins’ “Another day in paradise.”

‘Cause it’s another day for you and me and Jesus Christ.

Brilliant, I thought as I ordered my double shot latte.

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