So, I’ve decided, yet again, that an overhaul of my life is needed. This happens on average 3 times a month but I don’t blog about it as I tend to get over it in a couple of hours and go back to my brownie and double shot cappucino (extra choc). This time, the niggling realisation that things need to change has hung around more than a day so I figure it’s best to listen to the ‘body’ and do something about it.

I guess this is partly bought on by everything that’s been happening to me healthwise but that’s only part of it. All the things I want to change were on my new year’s resolution list so they’ve been hanging around a while.

I’m a pretty dedicated person. In fact, I am (or I was) a terrible over-achiever that couldn’t accept that life doesn’t have to be squeaky great and full on all the time. I never done ‘diets’ half-assed, I study in an obsessive compulsive way, when I start cleaning (might take me a while) I go into robotic overdrive and assume I can remove every last piece of kid lint from under the dvd player, I’m workout pretty much without taking a breath and when I’m out for drinks, I drink like it’s my last – always. You see what I mean.

So you think I’d be able to get this overhaul thing going in a productive way but I’m procrastinating. Not because it’s going to be so hard, not because I’m dreading it, not because I’m scared it will take up all of my tiny-wincy precious ‘me’ time. No, I think I’m scared because it’s going to cause me to become quite a different person – someone I need to become for a while. I guess I’m scared I’m going to lose a bit of myself in the process.

Anyway, to really get my body in working order again, I need to meditate daily, move to a wholefoods, dairy and meat free diet, cut out coffee (for a bit), drink masses more water and try and gently exercise each day. Not bad huh?! When I think about it, I actually look forward to it. I’m anticipating the challenge which I know I’ll meet and in fact, enjoy. It’s just starting it which for the first time ever, I’m finding hard.

Any tips on how to begin (that’s a good place to start) and then how to keep it going. I know, with these changes (which don’t have to last a lifetime) the glass will just keep filling up. I NEED HELP!

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