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So, I’ve decided, yet again, that an overhaul of my life is needed. This happens on average 3 times a month but I don’t blog about it as I tend to get over it in a couple of hours and go back to my brownie and double shot cappucino (extra choc). This time, the niggling realisation that things need to change has hung around more than a day so I figure it’s best to listen to the ‘body’ and do something about it.

I guess this is partly bought on by everything that’s been happening to me healthwise but that’s only part of it. All the things I want to change were on my new year’s resolution list so they’ve been hanging around a while.

I’m a pretty dedicated person. In fact, I am (or I was) a terrible over-achiever that couldn’t accept that life doesn’t have to be squeaky great and full on all the time. I never done ‘diets’ half-assed, I study in an obsessive compulsive way, when I start cleaning (might take me a while) I go into robotic overdrive and assume I can remove every last piece of kid lint from under the dvd player, I’m workout pretty much without taking a breath and when I’m out for drinks, I drink like it’s my last – always. You see what I mean.

So you think I’d be able to get this overhaul thing going in a productive way but I’m procrastinating. Not because it’s going to be so hard, not because I’m dreading it, not because I’m scared it will take up all of my tiny-wincy precious ‘me’ time. No, I think I’m scared because it’s going to cause me to become quite a different person – someone I need to become for a while. I guess I’m scared I’m going to lose a bit of myself in the process.

Anyway, to really get my body in working order again, I need to meditate daily, move to a wholefoods, dairy and meat free diet, cut out coffee (for a bit), drink masses more water and try and gently exercise each day. Not bad huh?! When I think about it, I actually look forward to it. I’m anticipating the challenge which I know I’ll meet and in fact, enjoy. It’s just starting it which for the first time ever, I’m finding hard.

Any tips on how to begin (that’s a good place to start) and then how to keep it going. I know, with these changes (which don’t have to last a lifetime) the glass will just keep filling up. I NEED HELP!

Bed time stories

So we’re trying to move the boys in together so that it frees up a room for all their goddamn toys – I know it’s a sad day when they get a toy room and we don’t, but hey, if it means that we can have the iPod going all the time in family room while Thomas gets his run on the dvd in the spare room, then I’ll do it.

So, the first night S went to bed fine and when A came in 2 hours later he was so tired that he fell straight to sleep – very unusual for him. We usually enjoy at least 45 minutes of stories he tells himself as he falls asleep. Last night was their second night together and my god, it was pyjama party central. Usually S goes to sleep and stays that way (mostly) for the night but when A when to bed last night, he sprang up from his normal tummy sleeping position and the party was underway.

A thought that S would appreciate a run down of Thomas characters which S enjoyed immensly, cackling heartily at opportune times which of course just fed A’s story telling fantasies. Truth be told, the stories are pretty lame, even by my poor standards. This moved onto an exchange of giggles as though they were passing a Playboy back and forward.

C and I were standing outside the door, trying to compose ourselves. C seems to think that we will all adjust to this arrangment soon and we’ll have the house we’re desperate for but I’m less convinced. Those two are bad for each other. The just g each other up and I can’t have 2 small people not sleeping in this house (and 1 big one)). So, anyway, S kept waking intermittently hoping to get the party started again but was greeted only with A’s (frighteningly) loud snores so had a whinge just to see if either C or I were up for some break dancing. Sadly we weren’t.

I slept so goddamn badly. I’ve been trying to convince C all day for us to lug that (stupidly) massive cot back into the other room but he’s determined to make this work, if only to provide us with some very engaging nightly entertainment .


I love the one which has gently fallen down. This is the flower version of the glass half full….dsc_00812

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