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Out of action

I can’t believe 2 days after I began this project I came down with the worst bout of tonsilitis I’ve have had since I was a child. Hard to see grace anywhere when you’re aching and breaking and positioned far down under the covers in bed. Nevertheless, I thought I’d ascribe 5 things that bought me such grace during this awful, dreadful period.

1. My husband – WHAT A LEGEND! Seriously. Took over everything and encouraged me to t-a-k-e-i-t-s-l-o-w. So kind. He is an important reason I got better so quickly.

2. My beautiful baby S who was happy to sit quietly in bed with me occasionally twirling a toy or sucking on a bottle I managed to carefully position in his mouth for the dark netherlands of the bed.

3. My A’s birthday which fell on the second day of the infection and his party which came on the 4th (worst) day. I soldiered on and importantly it gave me something to get better for. I wanted it to be everything to him. And it was.

4. ANTI-BIOTICS!! I’m sorry but when I found out it was an infection and not a virus I was over the moon! It meant anti-biotics and therefore a speedier recovery. Hallelujah!

5. Watermelon. My saving grace. The only thing that would slip down my throat and was then easily accepted by my stomach.

This is a somewhat indulgent post but you know what, that’s what illness does to you. Makes you completely self-preoccupied. You just can’t imagine that anyone has felt as bad as this, ever!

I’m not 100% but I’m also taking such joy in the small improvements. That’s pure ‘grace’ don’t you think?

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