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And so we say goodbye

tomorrow. I just want to be quiet now as you can imagine. I just want sleep and softness. I want the heat to slide its way off my body. I want cool zephyrs and iced water.

I will miss his half-voice and the lass I was to him. I will miss his special relationship to his evening drink. I will miss what role together, Granfer and Ganny played in our lives. I will miss seeing my father succeed in chatting with his father with whom he had little in common. I will miss his kindness to my mother so long an ex-member of his family. This kindness, I’ve always felt, was about his love for us as his grandchildren.

I will miss his tolerance with A – so unusual for him. I will miss the Kingston biscuits served with a very strong (Dubbo) cup of tea. I will miss mystery bags and cocacolarotsyamola. I will miss the stale neatness of their home. I will miss the extreme gentlessness and love he gave my grandmother as she slipped further and further into her illness. I will miss the sea view from his window. I will miss his eagerness opening the door when we visited.

Goodbye Granfer. I will miss you.

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