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p1130162p11301861We’ve returned from a rejuvenating and blissful few days away. It was everything I wanted and more but I only wish I might have returned feeling slightly more Zen than I do.

I kind of thought that tingly-wash-all-over-brushed-relaxation-down-my-limbs feeling would stay with me but I already feel kind of harried and tired. S was up three, 3, THREE times last night just to say, ‘well, that’s what you get when you try and party without me!’. Hell. But seeing my boys again brought an avalanche of love and tenderness straight back into my life. It was simmering while I was away and now it’s just boiling over for both of them.

So, how do I find my equilibrium this year? How do I manage to commit to my 2009 list and give ample opportunity to the things that bring me joy? Not sure. Must investigate. Soon. Anyone able to help?